Tóth Nándor, elnök

Dear Visitor!

We welcome your interest in our sewage development project supported by the EU! By the introduction of our website we intend to provide all important information on the environment protection development project in relation to the infrastructure of Nagykanizsa and its neighbourhood settlements ensuring a significant improvement in the quality of the life of the local people and to follow the development of the program step by step.

It is a great event in the life of the settlements concerned: during the construction works the main role is inconvenience – since the works shall mean the opening up of the roads – however after all the value of the nearby estates shall increase and the feeling of comfort of the local inhabitants shall improve much.

The development of sewage system and water treatment plant in the agglomeration of Nagykanizsa has been a concept being on the agenda for long. This development program under process by the support of the European Cohesion Base shall create an essential service of the 21st century. Also essential: in the long run the sewage program shall protect the water supply of the settlements, not only directly under the settlements but the surrounding water flows, too.

This development pointing far beyond its local significance is a good example of the environmental responsibility of the people and their honour for the resources of nature. Also shows the force of cooperation – since the settlements supports the development together in cooperation.

In this way the sewage problem of Bocska, Eszteregnye, Fityeház, Fűzvölgy, Homokkomárom, Hosszúvölgy, Magyarszerdahely, Magyarszentmiklós, Rigyác, Semjénháza, Szepetnek és Zalaszentbalázs and the areas of Nagykanizsa without sewage system can be settled finally for net 11,1 billion HUF.

For the sake of those living here today – and the next generations.

Tóth Nándor
Regional Sewage Association of Nagykanizsa